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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Is my information secure?

Yes, your information is very secure. We take great steps to make sure that the site is encrypted from end-to-end (always look for the padlock symbol) and we use reputable companies like Cyber Research Ltd who check how strong our security is. You are the only person who can see your information until you move and select the companies you want to notify and add the emails you want to send out. Not even our admin staff can see any private data you've selected in your profile, and we don't want to either.

+ How long does it take?

Registering for your forever-free account takes just a minute. To add a company to your profile or an email address takes seconds. When you move, updating countless companies you have selected and sending out emails to everyone takes less than a minute, leaving you plenty of time to get on with moving. It works from your phone like an app too, and it'll always be free!

+ What about companies that aren't listed?

For companies or organisations that aren't listed yet, you can email them and they'll probably get in touch with you. Just find the right email address to add to your 'Other Notifications' tab. This can be handy for smaller organisations like your work, doctor, vets, schools/kindy, or other local businesses you'd like to keep in the loop. There's no limit to how many people you can notify and it helps to make sure no one is forgotten too!

If you want to suggest companies that should be listed, then use the Contact Us tab, make the suggestion at the bottom of our home page, or you can even contact the company you want to update to let them know!

+ Do you sell my personal information? Who can see it?

No, we don't sell any of your information to any organisation and only companies you've selected get to see it. Other services like iMoved, may sell your details to other companies without telling you, so be careful who you use! Our staff only have access to basic information on our account, should you need any help. We cannot see any selections you've made, email addresses you've entered or moves you've made, and we don't want to either.

+ Who owns the service and what’s in it for iMoved?

IMoved Ltd is a privately owned, proudly New Zealand company. We are independent which allows us to be unbiased and fair to all companies who want to take advantage of our service, and of course that means more companies for you to notify when you move, saving you more time. Your data that you trust with us, will never be passed on to a 'parent company' or anyone else, as we have no one to boss us around. We like to think it keeps things simple. We just want to make the laborious and stressful task of moving, much easier. Even we move from time to time, so the better we can make it, the more we all benefit!

+ What's iM's business mentality/ethos? (Charity support etc)

We're very much looking forward to helping New Zealand in whatever way we can. We've started off by giving you a free service that helps you literally save hours and hours when you move, by making the process take less than a minute. On top of that, we want to help your communities, charities and events any way that we can. We need to grow a little more yet, but we are very excited for the future!

+ Why

We wanted a name that was easy and obvious to remember. When you're thinking of moving, you can tell people "I moved, me, iMoved!" and that might help it stick! We also have and, just so we don't forget where our roots are. The .me domain is from the country Montenegro, we hope they won't miss it too much!

+ Could iMoved help in an emergency?

Yes. During the Christchurch earthquakes in 2011, a lot of people needed to move very quickly. Civil Defence, EQC and insurance companies quickly lost track of people as they moved to other relative and friends' places and then may have moved on again and again, or left the area completely, making it even harder.

During an event such as this, your priority is your family and your possessions, then to get help, and far down the list is to tell companies that you've moved. IMoved takes less than a minute from your phone, which means these emergency services know immediately who to help, as that information will quickly come from those who need it, instead of taking days when things settle and people try to work out what they need to do. Have the help come to you, not you trying to find help.

+ I own/work for a company that could really benefit from iMoved. What do we do?

That's great! In the top banner, select Service Provider Registration (not while logged in) and it'll take just two minutes to fill in the details. You're then sent instructions to finish setting up, which are easy to follow and you're off. Then we tell everyone on Facebook and Twitter (and we encourage you to do the same), then in minutes, you can start hearing from your customers and start saving your company all the time and cost that comes with finding lost customers. You may even pick up new customers too! Feel free to drop us an email, chat or call to talk to us about how we can help.

+ I'm not planning on moving any time soon.

That's ok. Setting up your free iMoved account can be done at any time, regardless if you're planning to move or not. It'll always be there for you to maintain in your own time and you can update it as you join or leave companies, or as they become available on iMoved, and you can also add as many email addresses as you like in your own time. When you do move, then your iMoved profile is all ready to update everyone, easily, securely, in less than a minute and all for free. It's all about being prepared.

+ Why can't I log in with Facebook?

Facebook is a great social tool (go give our page a Like!), but we've seen reports that have shown Facebook to have the odd flaw where it may jeopardise security or other systems we use, which we do not want to have to risk. The less external websites linked to us, the better we can control our environment where your private data hides and we keep safe. This is our priority.

+ I'm moving, but I don't really have any companies to update.

That's totally ok! Sometimes you're the lucky one who doesn't have the burden of sorting out the power or internet providers, but it doesn't mean we still can't help. With the ability to send as many emails as you like, you can quickly update family, friends, work, school, doctors and anyone else with an email address. It still just takes a minute to do and is of course, totally free! Plus, with companies like Hell to update, you can get all the benefits of using iMoved too!

+ I'm moving soon, when should I use iMoved?

When you have a moving day locked down, then that's the time for us to help.

By using iMoved as soon as you can, it gives the companies you've selected the most time possible to transfer things like your internet and power to your new home for the day you move in. Just select the date in the Moving Wizard and we'll pass that on! Easy.

+ But I don't live in New Zealand.

Unfortunately iMoved is only available in NZ at the moment. We are coming though! Drop us a quick message in the Contact Us tab to find out when and so we know that you're interested!

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